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The Beautiful Savannah

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Do you have what it takes to be a Top Model?
Could you be a Ford Model? If you are serious about your Modeling Career, you need to find out.  Call us today.

  • Does Ford work with plus-sized models?
  • What does it take to be a model in the men’s model division?
  • What do I need to know about children’s modeling?
  • What should I do if I want to become a Ford model?
  • You need to talk to Avis about your opportunities with the Ford Agency and others.

What TYPE of Model are you? Runway? Editorial? Plus Size? Hands? Feet? Lingerie?
Are there other opportunities that might launch your career in Fashion that you don’t even know about?

Do you know what it takes to be a Fashion Merchandiser? A Booking Agent for a Top Modeling Agency? Do you want to make $330,000 a year or more…then you have to prepare yourself NOW.

Get your Free Headshots from the Model's Studio, Charleston SC

Get your Free Headshots from the Model Studio today.

“Be Your Dream” is all about finding out where you fit in and learning to do what is the very best for you personally.

The first step requires that YOU take action.

Pick up the phone and call the Model’s Studio: 843-261-9696

Avis MacLellan was a Top Model Booking Agent, a Runway Model, a Fashion Model.  Today, she is a SC Certified Instructor.

Avis already has the experience you need to learn “The Modeling Business”.

There ARE opportunities out there for you! You just have to figure out where they are. Right now Ford is looking for the *NEW* Fresh Face. Do you have your Headshots? DO you know how to walk into the Top Modeling Agencies and get an interview?

Do you know how to properly apply for the Ford Competition? Call the Model’s Studio and find out today.

Right now, The Model’s Studio is giving away free Headshots. No obligation. No “catch”. We are looking for the Fresh New Face, too, and would value the opportunity to speak with you right away.


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  1. Aarti Yamsanwar replied:

    Should Fashion Merchandisers have knowledge about Textiles & if yes, Why? I am from India studying Fashion and Design here in the US and I am putting this question on my LinkedIn page – could you comment, please? Avis, how did you learn about Fashion to become who you are today? ty

  2. Trish replied:

    i hvae been told for years to be a model, a supermodel, i have been told i am stunning and everyone stares at me. i have been told me i am a triple threat. you would have to see me to understand.

    i have one headshot taken with a digital camera. it is me and my nephew. the photo is 6 mos. old. if you think i have potential i will get professional pics. done. i am 5’8, 126lbs. i am lean.and curvey.

    my measurments are 36 -26-54. i look much taller than i am. i beleive i will be your next supermodel. please reply and let me know.

  3. Tia replied:

    When it comes to modelling, I always wanted to know the Photography, especilaly the Fashion Photography and how it works… Do models need to always have a photogenic face?

  4. Sara Grant replied:

    Hello Avis,

    I want to begin my career in Fashion but need some guidance how to start with it… I am not sure which subjects to choose for majoring and how its going to help me in the future. I am 18yrs old and have a passion for Designing and Modelling. Please suggest me how to go about it…

  5. Robin replied:


    Fashion is a very vast topic and its a creative study which needs lot of hard work and patience. Not everyones sure when they choose a career in Fashion. Some areas of Fashion include, Designing, Illustration, Merchandising, Marketing, Consultant, Fashion Journalist, etc… So study these topics to get more knowledge before you enroll in any Fashion school.

  6. Sara replied:

    hey Robin,

    thanks for your suggestions… I was really not sur ehow to go about… I guess learning these topics in brief would help me choosing my career in Fashion… Also cna anyone please suggest me some good Fashion schools or universities where I can apply.. ?

  7. Karan Mehta replied:

    Tia.. I goto answer your questions for Fashion Photography… I am a Fashion Photographer and everyday I meet one of the top models and the upcoming models for the photoshoot… its a tough job… Fashion Photography is an art to which is devoted to display clothing and fashion items but now has enhanced by exploring the photography n exotic locations and creating a story line.. Fashion Photography is very exciting to learn and I’d surely come up with more fashion modelling ideas to share with you all…………

  8. Amanda replied:

    I am 16 years old and my height is 5’10. Friends tell me that I have a pretty face and a slim figure. I was always interested in modelling and am looking forward to send my portfolio which has all my professional pics. I want to get trained prefessionally but not sure because of my age. Am i too young to start modelling or I need ot wait till am 18…

  9. Piu replied:

    Hi.. I’d like ot know whats the difference between a Top Model and a Fashion Model? Can any one tell me…? Thanks

  10. Anita replied:

    This is a good question Piu… I am a Fashion Designer and I am looking for a fresh face too… Basically there is a difference between the Fashion Model and the Top model…I’d like to help you for it.. Well, any model can become a fashion model but very few can become a Top model. They even charge the Earth:) lol… Top models are too much in demand while the Fashion models are required only when there are any shoots or shows…

    But it takes a lot of efforts and hardwork to become a Top model… Top model is a multi talented, successful, a household name and famous because if her intelligence and grace…

    Tops models means… when you look at them and you know they are the one!


  11. Cindy replied:

    Hi Avis, I always wanted to become a top model but I have a few queries. I want to know how tall should one be to become a model and also can I become a model if I have tattoo? I seriously want to join modeling and become a Top model. I think I have the right posture and figure for modeling but not sure about the height and tattoo

  12. Amika replied:

    Hi there, I am 17 yrs old and want to start my career in modeling… Can some one tell me what a portfolio is? And how can I get a Modeling portfolio done? I have this passion for modeling since I was 14…Thx:)

  13. Simon replied:

    I just read Cindy having some queries with the height but havent mentioned how tall you are, nevermind… I am a Fashion Photographer, and I come across many females models who aint that tall but have a photogenic face and the perfect body for modeling… Still, a reasonable height for modeling would be around 5’6 feet and taller for females.. Thats what i feel… And for the tattoo thing, its not necessarily an issue and depends on what kind of modeling you are doing.. Infact many fashion models have tattoos on them and you will notice them too….

  14. Nick replied:

    That was a good suggestion Simon, but i think, if onces ot become a catwalk model , then having a tattoo would be a problem.. as catwalk models don’t have tattoos and are expected not to have any…I don’t think of a Supermodel having various tattoos! lol ….

  15. Susan replied:

    Some asked for good universities or colleges to join Fashion Designing and I would like to suggest them on that.. I am a Fashion Designing student and I am studying at Academy arts institute at Sans Fransisco… I would like to recommend prospective students to join there in their next class.. its worth it.,..thanks

  16. Ash replied:

    Amika, A Portfolio is a meaningful collection of an individuals work which consists of his efforts, progress and achievements in his field. When it comes to modeling, your portfolio serves as your resume and showcases your body of work. Whether you are signed to an agency or are a freelance model, putting together your portfolio is one of the most important aspects of your career.

    So… if you want to start making your modeling portfolio you need to find a professional photographer and take your best pictures, you can look in the magazines and catalouges for poses you like…

    then call up the top modeling agencies and tell them abt your work, talk to them about the pricing and ask them to see a sample of the photographers work. I surely feel that this would be a good start for your modeling career.

    But you definitely need a professional guidance which will help you to achieve your goals and to become a top model in future… Avis will help you to become a top model and under her guidance and training am sure you can do wonders….

  17. Sally replied:

    I need some advice for fashion modeling. I am 18 years old and have a deep passion for modeling but my friends think I must choose a better option as I don’t have a pretty face and wont make it in the modeling field. Do models have to look beautiful and polished and look great all the time? Also, do all top models have that photogenic face or is the work of the professional make up artists and the photographer who make them look their best? I need some proper guidance and suggestions for this as i am seriously looking forward to join modeling and make a professional modeling portfolio soon. 🙂

  18. Binal replied:

    Should Fashion Designers always choose Top models or they can even choose upcoming models or freshers when they want to display their designs at the Fashion Shows?

  19. Karan Mehta replied:

    Hey Sally, its not necessary or important for a model to have a pretty face. Sometime,s the pretty faced models are terrible on that ramp and the plain janes just take your breath away. It takes much more than the pretty face and slim figure to become a model. You need to have the right attitude, and a total package to become a successful model. Its all about your personality and as i said, the attitude to thrive in the fashion industry.
    So dont worry and get your professional portfolio done right away with some professional guidance it will even help you more. Training for the catwalk is a must. Go Girls, we need more models for more fashion shows and upcoming events. Fashion industry is huge and there is a lot of work for everyone. All the best to all of you!

  20. Diana replied:

    That was a fantastic answer Karan I am impressed. You are so right in telling these upcoming models, who think they ain’t that pretty for modeling. I agree with the fact that the attitude and personality can make you feel confident and help to become a super model in future. And Binal, its upon the Fashion Designers choice, whom they want to choose for their Fashion shows. the top designers can afford just any top model for their show and at times if the upcoming models really have the perfect look, body, face and the personality to carry their exceptional designs with grace on the ramp, they would not mind choosing them to model. So it really doesn’t matter.

    You never know. when you start modeling and getting more offers, very soon, you can get a chance to work for the best and top designing companies for modeling and from a fresher you get a chance to become a top model:) how cool

  21. Carol replied:

    Karan and Diana, you guys seems to have given tremendous advice for the modeling and i appreciate that.. But other than the physical attributes, what else makes a good model? I’d like you both or someone to answer this in brief as I want my daughter to learn modeling with professional help and become a famous model.. She is 16 yrs now and I have a positive feeling that she can become a Top Model in next 3-4 years. Thanks in advance!

  22. Simran replied:

    Good posture is a modeling must as 70% of a models career is runway modeling. Unless you make it as a super-model, or build a less glamorous catalogued career, making it as a model will mean walking a runway. Good posture and a solid walk are essential modeling skills but they can be learned…
    Modeling is stressful work and models are exposed to all sorts of potentially self destructive influences. Modeling is a glamorous life and with the glamour comes an element of risk.

    I hope this should help Carol…

  23. Micheal replied:

    I have been looking out for some basic knwoledge about modeling and the traits that a model would have. And what i learn from my photography career is that a model should be of a slim built and should have a height from 5’8 to 5’10 and there are some exceptionals also who are much taller. According to the photography , a model should have a good bone structure and an angular face.

    Being naturally photogenic always helps and she should have a good posture and have a strong runway walk (learned or natural)

  24. kontessa replied:

    i really wants to be a model and i need some help and i think you will be the guys to help me please help me

  25. GaylaRose replied:

    My daughter is 5’8″ and she is 11 yrs old do we need to seek modeling schools in order to become successful. she gets calls all the time to come and enroll in different schools, is this a good idea…please contact me.

  26. Julie Pennington replied:

    I am 23 years old female 5′ 2″ and a little curvy in the hips. Willing to work as any type of model. I also have children and would be intrested in knowing more about the children modeling. Thank you and I am looking forward to hearing from you. Julie Pennington

  27. Avis replied:

    Hi Julie, If you live in the Charleston area you need to stop by The Models Studio. It sounds like you are more of a commercial type of model ( real people) At&t, coke, walmart etc. You will need proper photos to reflect this style of modeling. There are also work for Children the rules are a little different. I will have to see your children to be able to give you and honest answer. Avis

  28. Mohit Saxena replied:

    i want to be a model i want u just see my phorographs.

  29. isabel replied:

    r you looking for modelnow ?

  30. Nicolcruz replied:

    My name is Nicol Cruz and I’m 100% Nicaraguan.

  31. avis Maclellan replied:

    Hi Nicol, to answer your question, Yes I was a top Model in New York and I traveled for work in Europe. I am now the owner and director of a small Agency in South Carolina. It takes a LOT of skills to be a Model. Avis

  32. leisa replied:

    What about fitness models?

  33. avis Maclellan replied:

    Hi Leisa, fittness model are your commercial type of models. They are, what the industry call real people. Avis Maclellan

  34. avis Maclellan replied:

    There are Agencies the book only these types of models, Good Luck.

  35. masego replied:

    Hi there

    my name is masego, in a seventeen year old teenager thats all about fashion,

    im a outspoken person
    love posing for the camera
    i enjoy communicating with different people, im a socialite
    im about 1.65m tall
    i weigh between 45 and 48
    love meeting new people and i love being challenged
    i enjoy singing and dancig as well

    grew up in a family where everything is about fashion

    my motto is dnot just be beautiful be fashionable, its a lifestyle

    my contact details:

  36. Tierra Malone replied:

    Feel free to contact me at ANY time. I have been in many scams for over a period of 5 years and I just want a proper agency that can hold their own. I am willing to do ANY thing and everything that you tell me ( EX: Constructive and Desctrutive critisim, my grades, when you need more or less of something, and plenty of other things). I have tried many things in my short life (As in Volleyball, Basketball, softball and other sports and clubs) but the ONLY thing that i’m the most confident in and the best in is Modeling. I know I can make it in the modeling industry if you will give me a chance. I won’t let you down! Becuase I really want to be a Victoria’s Secret model and Im 16 now and thought I would be farther in my career then where I am now. I hope I be a great model for you and you be a great agency for me. I’m looking forward to Being with your agency and getting farther in my modeling career. Thanks!


  37. abigail replied:

    i am not a top model but i would love to start a career in fashion modelling. i am beautiful and very confident in myself

  38. Monika replied:

    Hai,am monika and am 16yrs,modeling has always been something am really ready to start,am 1.66 but trust me i look taller than that because am very slim.Am from Zambia,in Africa.I have a good personality and hard working too,have admired to be independent,have been called bad names at school because am very thin,they call a stick and say i cant be a model because am just a black african girl,saying no one will take me seriously.please help me.

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